"Dein Song für eine Welt" - Song Contest

Commitment to ONE WORLD and solidarity with those born in a socially and economically weaker environment in this world are the guiding principles of many former participants and supporters of the Dein Song für EINE WELT - Song Contest. YOU too can take part. If you are between 10-25 years old, you can contribute with your song a piece to reduce prejudices and build bridges between cultures. Write a song with a motto about one world and with a little luck you will be one of the winners on the album. With the songs on the EINE WELT- album people should be shaken up: We only have this ONE WORLD, let's be more careful with it, is the message. At the EINE WELT-Festival on June 18, 2020 in Berlin, the young artists will present their self-composed songs to a large audience for the first time. They will receive prominent support from renowned musicians such as Jamie-Lee, Kafvka, Johnny Strange and many more.

The Song Contest is an accompanying activity to the school competition on development policy and is carried out for the third time on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development by Engagement Global in cooperation with KMA e.V.

The success of the Song Contest was a great recognition of the interest and commitment of young people for EINE WELT. From the submitted songs the 23 best tracks will be selected by a user voting and a pre-jury. A prominent jury selects the EINE WELT song and determines the winners.

All information can be found here on the official poster!

The EINE WELT album of the first two rounds can be ordered for free on the website www.eineweltsong.de


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