Every day begins at 9am with a communal breakfast, to which every participant is expected to bring something. In this relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, the participants and trainers alike are able to get to know one another, and learn about the different cultures from which we all come.

Daily Introduction:
At around 10am, everyone sits together in a circle of chairs in the main hall. Here, there is a daily introduction. After the first day, the students themselves moderate this introduction. After this, the participants begin their respective workshops.

Group Work:
Each group, which generally consists of 6-10 participants, has its own workshop leader(s) and designated practice room in KMA. The teachers are free to sit in on workshops, unless the participants request otherwise.

At 12:45pm, everybody meets once again in the main hall to discuss their experiences and any possible problems from the day's activities. Here, the trainers inform the students about other free time activities offered that day in KMA.

The trainers meet every day after the debriefing to discuss how the workshops are progressing. The teachers join them several times throughout the week to discuss potential improvements for the workshops.

Final Performance:
All school courses at KMA are results-oriented. This means, all of the hard work put in by the participants is displayed at a performance on the final workshop day.

An official performance is presented on Friday evening for the parents, siblings and friends of the participants. The last day of workshops is dedicated to rehearsing for this final presentation. This concert is completely voluntary for all participants, but the trainers and teachers strive to show all of the students that the applause of an appreciative and supportive audience can often overpower one's fears of performing in public.

All subsequent feedback from the students, teachers, and parents is used to better our future projects. Although the cooperative process of the entire week is always a priority, the final performance highlights the entire project, and hopefully provides a culmination that will motivate the participants to continue their engagement in projects and opportunities at KMA.

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