At the beginning of every school course we teach the participants a handful of fun rhythmic exercises. This prepares them for the basics of playing together as a band. Through these exercises the trainers gain an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the group, as well as any previous musical knowledge or interests.

Next, the participants are introduced to a variety of modern rock instruments (guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, etc.) and the basics of being a vocalist. The students then have the opportunity to try their hand at each of these instruments. Over the course of the week each pupil becomes a specialist in one instrument, which is decided by personal interest and capability.

The trainers and students brainstorm songs, which match the age, interests and abilities of the students. The songs are interpreted together to fit the instrumentation of the band. We work with both popular songs and original self-composed songs. The pupils are encouraged to write their own lyrics, with the help of the trainers.

The band learns up to three songs over the course of the week.

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