The Kinderkarneval is a non profit-oriented event!

Every year, it is a new challenge to acquire the needed funds for the KinderKarneval. We have unavoidable financial expenses including stages, personnel, electricity, equipment, print media, paramedics, bathrooms, carnival rides, insurance and much more.

In order to organize the KinderKarneval in the future, we need your help!

We deliberately avoid the help of big brands like soft drink and cigarette companies, fast food chains, telecom companies or political parties. We believe that the KinderKarneval should offer much more than food stands and advertising!

This is why we need the support of individuals who truly care about children and families - you!

How can you support the KinderKarneval?

- You can help with the organization, installation and/or tear down of the children's festival in Görlitzer Park.

- Do you know companies or organizations who may be able to help personally or financially? We always need the help of car rentals, electricity companies, stage builders, disposal companies, market stall rentals, audio technicians, security services, etc...

- Financial and material donations, both small and large, are of course needed as well.

We are more than glad to help with any individual planning for your voluntary engagement.

A huge thank you to the major supporters and partners of our Kinderkarnevals der Kulturen. The Kinderkarneval der Kulturen is only possible because of your support.


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