Intercultural, international and regional cuisine?!

The pots and pans of KMA have been traveling on a culinary journey for many years! Vegetables and herbs from our house-owned neighborhood garden are worked into seasonal dishes, in the hopes of raising awareness of the importance of eating healthy and local food.

Since summer 2013, the Kantine Kreuzberg was opened to public right in the heart of Berlin. Our regional-international kitchen encourages interesting social communication and supplies complimentary and healthy meals for children and teenagers. You can enjoy your daily lunch for a donation of 2-4 €!

The Kantine Kreuzberg is a non-profit project of the KMA at INTIHAUS (integration house) in the middle of Kreuzberg. It is still in need of financial support for running costs, labor costs and materials such as replacements for old equipment.

Opening hours

12:00 - 14:00 Uhr


Weekly Menu

Since summer 2013 the K A N T I N E Kreuzberg is open at INTIHAUS!

Experience this regional-international kitchen and the exciting social interaction this neighborhood has to offer - on top of this, healthy meals are available free of charge for kids and teenagers.

You can enjoy our changing daily menu for a donation between 2 and 4 Euro!

"To share a regional-international and culinary cuisine, to experience an exciting and sociable exchange in the neighbourhood - and thus enable the free and healthy nutrition of children and young people".


further offers you will find in the       K A N T I N E Kreuzberg or on our Facebook-Seite!

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