Kreuzberger Musikalische Aktion e.V. has organized many successful events, since we took over the operations of Statthaus Böcklerpark in the spring of 2012.

Concerts - plays - talent shows - open mics - dance battles - family Sundays - kids disco - movies

After huge renovations, which are still under way, the Statthaus is shining with a newfound glory. Due to the special charm of our large event space and outside area, we have the chance to plan and develop new and exciting activities for our visitors. We regularly host social and cultural events, which display the multicultural and versatile youth of our city.

Teenagers with an interest in event planning have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of light and sound equipment as well as the process of organizing and running an event.

ACT 2 the BEAT

The musical project for young people in the Statthaus Böcklerpark will celebrate its premiere in December 2017.

So be curious -
when they say:


Use our rooms for your events!


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