Big drawing and creative competition for the Berlin Children's Carnival of Cultures 2020

This year the motto comes from the element "water". Until November 2019, children could vote which animal will lead the 24th Berlin Children's Carnival of Cultures this year. and chose the coral and its reef as the motto animal 2020. Although they look like underwater flowers, corals are actually small sea animals. There are many different species and they live in all the oceans of the world. But the corals are threatened - by climate change, air pollution and the nets of the fishing industry.

The coral comes in many different colours. It lives in all oceans and is an extremely hardworking animal. Amazingly, it builds the largest coherent structures in the world. These we call coral reefs and the area of these reefs totals 600,000 m2 worldwide. Even humans cannot keep up. It is also astonishing that some of these reefs are more than 2000 years old and because there are so many animals in these formations, they are also called the "rain forest of the seas".

The coral itself belongs, as for example the jellyfish, to the tribe of cnidarians, is mainly active during the day and feeds on plankton and tiny little animals.

Sadly, the coral is also threatened with extinction. It reacts very sensitively to the smallest temperature fluctuations, which means: Due to global warming caused by climate change, the corals bleach out and die off. This threatens not only the coral itself, but also the reefs and thus the various dependent species. In addition, the livelihood of half a billion people worldwide is at stake from the existence of the reefs. So it is all the more important that we all join forces to prevent the coral from becoming extinct.


All children up to 12 years are invited to create the fascinating habitat of the corals (painting, drawing, gluing, handicrafts etc.). The finished works of art can be submitted to the Kreuzberger Musikalische Aktion (KMA) by mail or in person by April 03, 2020:

Kreuzberger Musikalische Aktion e.V. (KMA)
Subject: " Drawing contest "
Friedrichstr. 2
10969 Berlin

The jury will review all entries and nominate the winners whose work will be featured on the official Children's Carnival poster. Other particularly beautiful competition entries will also be awarded great prizes. All the works of art will be shown in an exhibition in May 2020. The award ceremony will take place on the day of the exhibition opening with a colourful children's cultural programme and the big flash mob.

Please mark each picture with name, age, if applicable class and school stamp on the back!
(For organisational reasons the submitted pictures can NOT be sent back - but can be picked up again at the KMA).

Deadline for sending in material: April 03, 2020

EXHIBITION OPENING of the drawings of the great painting competition
with award ceremony and children's cultural programme
Place and time of the exhibition will follow shortly

Presseinformation zum großen Malwettbewerb des 24. Kinderkarnevals der Kulturen

Plakat zum Ausdrucken: Aufruf zum Malwettbewerb des 24. Berliner Kinderkarneval der Kulturen

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