The youth floor of INTIHAUS offers a space for education, information, support and creativity; there is a library, an interreligious dialogue room, project and media rooms, and free legal and career counseling.

In addition to helping teenagers search for apprenticeships and jobs, the "BIWAQ" supported School-Assistants project and the HIT-Project are available for 18 to 25 year olds who are seeking assistance between school and work hours.

We work to support young people in their academic endeavors and as they search for work and trainee positions.

Here at the youth floor, we aim to maximize opportunities and create innovative offerings for our visitors.

Those who participate in our projects at INTIHAUS obtain a new level of self-confidence and important teamwork skills. They also acquire the understanding of what a realistic workday looks like. The goal of the youth floor is to strengthen and motivate the teenagers through our variety of activities and programs.

With creativity and experience we give advice and support focused on many important areas of life including exams, job applications, integration into the work force and any other related issues.

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