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Along with our Chill Lounge we offer a variety of daily workshops and courses, which you can participate in free of charge. From dancing and music opportunities to bicycle repair workshops and help with homework, we are determined to have something here for you! Additionally, there is always a special program during school vacations.


ANGEBOTE in KMAntenne:

Guitar, drums, singing, DJing, bands, video, sewing, dancing... and many other free activities!
The KMAntenne Programm 


GirlZ Club

Welcome to the Girlz Club!
The cool club only for girls.

At KMA we have a comfortable girls room, which is open daily from 3pm to 7pm. Here you can play games, hang out, drink tea or listen to music.

We also plan daily special activities like baking, handcrafts, movies or field trips, as well as styling, beauty and wellness days. Your ideas and wishes are important to us, so tell us what kind of activities you are interested in! Finally, if you are simply looking for someone to have a private conversation with, we are always here for you!