to the intercultural garden of INTIHAUS at Mehringplatz

Growing in the shade of the surrounding high-rise buildings is the intercultural garden of Friedrichstraße 1, a relaxing area for you to unwind from the busy and metropolitan lifestyle of Friedrichstraße and Mehringplatz. The garden's development was one of sweat, long afternoons, excited building, and disappointed deconstruction. This was a truly enriching process for the neighborhood around Mehringplatz.

Since 2007 we have been continuously building and improving the intercultural garden in the playground of the old kindergarten at Friedrichstraße 1. The garden is intended to be a space for quiet, withdrawal, community discussions, friendship, conversation, culture, and creativity.

In summer 2010 we finally received the necessary public funds to completely rebuild the garden. After a variety of weather-related struggles between January and May of 2011, the garden is finally completed and growing into a beautiful and relaxing place, which even provides us with fresh fruits and vegetables for the KANTINE KREUZBERG.

Open Hours:

Monday through Friday from 10am to 8pm

Saturday from 1pm to 8pm