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DER EISBÄR - our motto animal 2018!
Polar bears are the largest land predators in the world and have been living in the Arctic for hundreds of thousands of years, around the North Pole, on the eternal ice - the pack ice. They don't freeze in the icy cold, because they have a thick, warming layer of fat and a dense coat. Although the coat looks white, it is colourless and transparent, so that the sun's rays are transmitted through the coat directly to the bear's black skin, where the heat is stored. So the polar bear has its own heating!
Polar bears eat large reserves of fat in winter to survive the snowmelt in spring and summer. Although polar bears have no natural enemies, there are fewer and fewer. Why is the polar bear threatened with extinction? We humans are to blame for this, as are the global warming and marine pollution that we are causing.
Every year the pack ice melts away the polar bears under the paws and they lose their natural habitat. SOS! save the ice and the polar bears!

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A theme song will be produced in advance at the KMA and an accompanying choreography will be conceived together with children. Costumes and floats are designed in school and regular weekly courses, and music and dance contributions to the stage programme are developed. Since the beginning of the children's carnival, the aim has been to offer free play and participation activities so that all children can take part in the offers and activities and experience this day as something very special. This represents a large challenge year for year.
You can actively support the Berlin Children's Carnival of Cultures, whether through small or large donations of money and goods or through your active cooperation - every helping hand is a great benefit for us!

The Berlin Children's Carnival of Cultures is an independent children's festival independent of the Carnival of Cultures and has been organised by the Kreuzberger Musikalische Aktion e.V. for 23 years.

Take part in the children's carnival! As an institution, school class or with friends? Sign up with your artistic talents for the costume parade or the stage program!

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The Kinderkarneval der Kulturen was founded in 1996 and is held annually in Berlin, Kreuzberg on the Saturday before Pentecost.

The children's carnival is a youth oriented event for the whole family. We strive to promote the importance of creative and peaceful cooperation, in a way that is accessible to visitors of all cultures, languages and backgrounds. Through the children's carnival, we advocate a clear message against xenophobia and prejudice while demonstrating the artistic and social successes, which arise from the coexistence of different cultures in Berlin.

The children's carnival is now the biggest non-profit children and family oriented festival in Berlin. Our goal is to organize the festival as a forum for youth social work in Berlin, and provide other youth initiatives a space to present their own offerings and opportunities to the public.

If you want to be with your youth initiative part of the children´s carnival with a gaming, food oder informationstand, register here!

Route through Kreuzberg

Here you can see an overview of the KinderKarneval route.


It begins at Mariannenplatz and ends in Görlitzer Park.


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Kinderkarneval der Kulturen

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