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General Information

KMAntenne offers free weeklong "school courses". Through these multimedia activities and workshops, we foster an environment where everyday school problems can be solved and social and media skills are developed and improved.

Elementary and high school classes from the Berlin district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg.

Over 5 consecutive school days (Monday-Friday) the participants become familiar with our variety of workshop opportunities. During an initial discussion with the teachers, it is decided what activities will be presented based on the interests of the class. Past offerings included band and rap workshops, dance instruction, and film production workshops. The school class is then presented with information regarding their workshop choices, how the week will progress (including daily breakfast protocol). Finally the entire class decides on a theme for the week (e.g. stars, love, violence, school, friendship etc.)

We strive to produce a new class structure during our project weeks. Every student is given the opportunity to discover new strengths and skills in an environment, which is different than the everyday school setting. Because there is no grading pressure here, it is often the case that children with difficulties in school often flourish in this atmosphere.

The student-teacher relationship is often greatly improved. Similarly, the students develop a respectful and trusting relationship with the KMA trainers, with whom they work closely for the entire week.

All participants are encouraged to continue their connection with KMA after the school course is finished. Our doors are open to anybody who wants to participate in our exciting projects and activities, or seek help with any personal or school related problems.

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School Courses

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